Plan and evaluate

 Outcomes, resources and methods = need

LEAP is designed to be a useful tool in all aspects of project, programme and policy planning and development.  The user-friendly software encourages users to ask critical questions about their work, it supports joint working and ensures that all those with a stake in the project are involved and are working to a shared agenda. 

The software will help you to:

  • Identify the difference you intend to make
  • Plan more effectively
  • Work in partnership with each other and members of the community
  • Learn and apply the lessons from your experience

LEAP users can generate reports at key stages of the project/programme and are supported with helpful advice which enables them to assess the need or issue, plan the approach and monitor the process through to evaluating the outcomes.   

The software can be used by community organisations, local authorities, agencies including NHS and regeneration, voluntary sector organisations, and policy makers.

To create your user account or enquire about an account for your organisation please contact:

David Allan -

Paul Nelis -

Susan Paxton -

or call 0141 248 1924