The LEaP Approach

Planning MeetingThe LEAP framework is based on the principles and values that underpin community development.  It is a particular way of thinking about and approaching change and development. 

LEAP is based on the understanding that to improve the quality of life experienced by communities, our actions should be guided by certain values and principles.  We should approach change and development in a way that is:

We should set out to respond to the experiences and concerns of communities and issues of inequality and social injustice.

Change / Outcome Focused
We should focus on achieving real and measurable change in the quality of personal and community life.

Build capacity and develop assets
We should recognise the strengths and abilities that exist in communities and among stakeholders and seek to build on these. We should ask ourselves what motivates people to address community need and issues, what is their capacity to contribute and what opportunities exist to achieve the desired change.

Participatory and concerned with building partnerships
We should involve all those with an interest in the change we hope to make, particularly the community itself.  We should aim to build and develop relationships between stakeholders, particularly between agencies from different disciplines and sectors and between agencies and community organisations and members.

Concerned with Learning and Continuous improvement
We should aim to understand change by capturing and reflecting on as much of the process as possible and use the lessons learned to guide future action.

LEAP helps us to apply these values and principles to our work.