LEAP Features

LEAP software has a number of key features which ensure security of records and promote a collaborative approach to planning and evaluation:

  • A maintained environment - SCDC licenses use of the tool which means that only those individuals or organisations which have an agreement with SCDC can access and use the tool.

  • Secure password protected user accounts - users decide what information to share with other partners, colleagues.
  • A secure multi user environment supporting partnership working - LEAP supports users to create and maintain projects and enabling them to invite colleagues or partners to be editors or reviewers of a particular project (even if those partners do not have a LEAP license).

  • Create and download reports at every stage of the lifecycle of a project - create reports from the start of the project, share reports as PDF or Word formats.  Aggregated data for strategic managers.

  • E-mail reports from the system.

  • Accountable progress - built in user log - information on user activity within shared projects - information indicating who made what changes to the report.
  • A document bank - upload documents to the system which relate to the project.

  • Strategic analysis - review projects within your organisation and produce reports which pull together strategic information.

  • Fully accessible site design - meeting a very high standard of accessible web design.  The site meets the AA accessibility criteria which comply with the International Web Accessibility Standards issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

  • Specific & flexible evaluation - evaluating using project outcomes and outcome indicators set in the plan.  Empowerment principles and specific additional evaluation criteria selected by the client organisation itself.